End-to-End Quality Assurance Device

Meet our first product: Qualyscan. Our all-in-one solution for mastering quality control in Proton Therapy.

About us

Next generation imaging technology taking nuclear and precision medicine to the next level

Terapet SA, a Geneva-based CERN MedTech spin-off, has developed an innovative platform technology for imaging in nuclear medicine, taking proton therapy and nuclear imaging to the next level.

Mission and Vision of our company

Next Generation Imaging Technology

Terapet’s mission is to use our innovative platform technology to develop integrated imaging solutions, taking proton therapy, nuclear imaging and precision medicine to the next level.

Terapet envisions that its Qualyscan™ and Claryscan™ will enable QUALITY and CLARITY in every patient’s diagnosis and treatment, making them the first choice for radiotherapy and precision medicine in the near future.

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