Closing words on PTCOG61 from our CEO : Christina Vallgren

Our first #PTCOG61 ended with a huge accomplishment! An extremely busy yet very successful exhibition. Thank you to everyone who showed your huge interest in our first product, Qualyscan.
I would like to thank my fantastic team who has worked so hard to bring our first product to our customers: Raymond Miralbell, Marcus Palm, Ben Brunt, Michael Betz, Hervé Duffour, Robin Chappuis, Luca Terradura, Olivia Benn and Carla Pou i Miralbell. Without your commitment and hard work, we wouldn’t be where we are today.

Again, thank you to everyone who stopped by our booth and showed your huge interest in Qualyscan!

Some impressions from our event, #PTCOG61:

Terapet being bronze sponsor of this year’s #ptcog61 in Madrid
Team Terapet SA
Terapet Booth S5!
Terapet SA Quirónsalud, Director General del Centro de Protonterapia Quironsalud, Dr. MARTA CREMADES SENDINO & Medical Director, Raymond Miralbell with Terapet’s co-founders Raymond Miralbell, Christina Vallgren, Ph.D, MBA
Switzerland South Korea: Terapet with new partner, Yonsei University Cancer Center. Chief Medical Physicist, Prof. Jin Sung Kim and Prof. Min Han.
Pic6: Team of Terapet SA on the #PTCOG61!
The conference finished with a nice dinner in a traditional Madrid restaurant with old and new friends: President of the American Society for Radiation Oncology (ASTRO), Prof. Dr. Anthony Zietman with his lovely wife, Alison, Raymond Miralbell, our partner Chief Medical Physicist Prof. Alexandru Dasu from Skandionkliniken – The Skandion Clinic Clinic and Prof. Peter Dendooven from UMCG Groningen, whose papers I have studied a lot.
Terapet CERN joint work.
Team of Terapet SA on the #PTCOG61 Twitter thread!
The great week in Madrid finished with a nice tour at Quirónsalud.

Terapet Team: Raymond Miralbell, Ben Brunt, Michael Betz, Robin Chappuis, Olivia Benn and Carla Pou i Miralbell.