Leman Bleu TV heighted Terapet in the programme “Le Monde de Demain” on 02.04.2024

Back in 2019, three visionaries, two former CERN physicists and one head of Radiation Oncology Department at HUG, embarked on a journey to revolutionise proton therapy. Today, Terapet SA, a CERN spin-off aiming to taking the proton therapy and nuclear medicine imaging to the next level, has a team of 15 people and has raised 11MCHF in total.

As a CERN spin-off, we are proud to have been featured in Leman Bleu’s TV program “Le Monde de Demain”, alongside other innovative startups. This recognition underlines the importance of partnerships between scientific research and practical applications, while also demonstrating our commitment to pushing back the frontiers of knowledge and bringing innovative solutions to the healthcare field.

Link: https://www.lemanbleu.ch/fr/Emissions/308287-Le-Monde-de-Demain.html