New partnership – Terapet SA and The Politecnico di Milano

Geneva, June 1st, 2021 Terapet SA, a privately held Swiss MedTech company developing innovative solutions for a safer, more precise, and time-saving proton therapy for cancer treatment, announced today the start of a new Research and Development partnership with The Politecnico di Milano – Dipartimento di Elettronica, Informazione e Bioingegneria. The R&D collaboration will be led by the head of RadLab (Radiation Detectors and Low-Noise Electronics Laboratory), Prof. Carlo Fiorini and Prof. Marco Carminati. The collaboration officially starts on 01.06.2021 and will last for the coming 3 years.

“It is our great pleasure to collaborate with one of the world’s best electronics laboratories. The invaluable know-how and the unique competencies from the Politecnico di Milano – RadLab, will confidently bring us to our next milestones. We are very proud to have built an extremely strong collaboration by gathering the best expertise in the world in a single project with one common goal.” – says CEO, Dr. Christina Vallgren.

“It is a pleasure to start a collaboration with TERAPET and offer our expertise in electronics for new detection solutions in such a stimulating field of application for human health.” – comments Prof. Carlo Fiorini.

“Joining a startup in the challenge of improving range verification in proton therapy is very exciting for the whole team. The scalability of the developed imaging system will be of primary relevance” – notes Prof. Marco Carminati.

In parallel, three other world-class research institutes are also involved in the development of Terapet’s first full-scale prototype: CERN, funded through the Innosuisse Innovation Project, and Karolinska Institute and the first Nordic Proton Therapy facility, Skandion Clinic, funded by Vinnova through the Eurostars Program.

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